Top 5 Fantasy Safeties

Safeties can make a huge difference on the field, and they can also make a huge difference for your fantasy team. Here are the Top 5 Fantasy Safeties.

1. Kerry Rhodes

Last season Rhodes became one of the best safeties in the league, worthy of a place on any fantasy team. He is a hard hitter with a nose for the ball and as the potential to be a difference maker on an improving Jets defense. The acquisition of Calvin Pace and the drafting of Vernon Gholston means that their pass rush will be much improved, which will translate into more picks for Rhodes.

2. Sammy Knight

Knight is now a member of the defending Superbowl champs after spending a season in Jacksonville. Knight will bring added toughness to one of the leagues best defensive units. The departure of Gibril Wilson to the Raiders leaves the door open for Knight to put up some big stats.

3. Oshiomogho Atogwe

One of the most underrated players in the entire league, Atogwe has been a turnover machine for the Rams. The fact he flies under the radar and has a name that is difficult to pronounce means that he might be available in the later rounds of the draft. He gets extra credit for being the best Canadian defensive player in the NFL.

4. Bob Sanders

The heart and soul of the Indianapolis Colts team is coming off a great season where he was named the Defensive Player of the year. Sanders has shown the impact he can on the field with his big hits and timely interceptions, however staying healthy has been a concern for a player who plays with suck reckless abandon. Injury concerns aside, Sanders is poised to have another stellar year.

5. Adrian Wilson

Wilson is the prototypical modern NFL Safety, he has the size speed and strength that make defensive coordinators drool and offensive coordinators lose sleep at night. He has put up some huge numbers in the past and looks to rebound from a year in which he was plagued by injuries and show the league why he is one of the Top 5 Fantasy Safeties.

Honorable Mention: Sean Jones, Gibril Wilson, Atari Bigby.

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