Top 5 Hot Olympic Swimmers

After doing a little more research I came across these aquatic beauties. I think that this list has by the far the hottest women in the Olympics. Check out these swimmers as they strut their stuff in the pool at the 2008 summer games in Beijing.


1. & 2. Bia and Branca Feres, Brazil, Synchronized swimming,

Who would have that thought there would ever be a reason to tune in and watch Synchronized swimming, now there are two. These two medal hopefulls are easily the hottest women at the games and should get a gold medal for being the hottest Olympians.


3. Amanda Beard, USA, Swimming,

Not only is Amanda smoking hot but she is apparently an excellent swimmer. She is a co-captain of the U.S. team and looks to add another medal to her growing collection. Amanda was also featured in Playboy magazine.


4. Stephanie Rice, Australia, Swimming,

This Aussie bombshell is a defending gold medalist. She has also been known as a quite a party animal as evidence by her many facebook party pics, like the one shown here.


5. Natalie Coughlin, USA, Swimming,

Natalie is yet another stunning co-captain of the USA’s women’s swim team. It is safe to say that female Olympic swimming makes for great T.V. viewing, I know I will be watching.

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