Top 5 Overrated Fantasy Cornerbacks

Stay away from these washed up Cornerbacks in your next fantasy draft. These are the Top 5 Overrated Fantasy Cornerbacks.

1. Gary Baxter

Two seasons ago Baxter tore his patellar tendons in both knees and has never really recovered from it. Cleveland recently released Baxter and he is currently a free agent, I doubt any team will pick him up and neither should you. There should be much better options on draft day in your league, so avoid Baxter at all costs.

2. Samri Rolle

This former Pro-Bowler has seen better days. Rolle no longer has the speed to keep up with the fast receivers in NFL. Rolle is not a physical receiver which means that he won’t get you many tackles either. Rolle should only be considered as a bench player in the deepest of Fantasy leagues.

3. Chris McAlister

Much like Rolle, McAlister is no longer as dominant as he used to be. The fact that they both play for the Baltimore Ravens means that they should look to get younger at the corner position in a hurry. McAlister should also be considered as a bench player at best.  However, of all the players on this list McAlister has the most potential to have a productive season if he can stay healthy.

4. Carlos Rogers

Rogers was drafted in the first round a couple years back and hasn’t proved to his team that he deserved to be picked so high. He finds himself on a talented defense in Washington, which should mean lots of points for Rogers. If you think this is the year he will turn it around, then you should select him, otherwise stay far away.

5. Lito Shepard

The writing was on the wall for Lito and Fantasy players alike when the Eagles decided to throw a big money contract at Asante Samuel in the off-season. Shepard is now the odd man out in Philly and he has voiced his discontent to the media. He still has a chance to be a productive player if he able to land with another team or possibly slide over and play safety. If he sees the field he could have a great season, if not, he is an Overrated Fantasy Cornerback.

Honorable mention: Dunta Robinson, Andre Dyson, Chris Henry.

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