Top 5 Hot Olympic Uniforms

As the 2008 Beijing games continue to be broadcast worldwide on daily basis, it is important to prioritize which events to watch. I would say that any of the following would be good choices because of their added value.

1. Beach Volleyball, Bikinis,

The bikinis worn by the players are by far the most visually appealing of all the Olympic uniforms. The best part is that they leave very little to the imagination. They are also a big hit with George W.

2. Gymnastics, Leotards,

These spandex suits really help the athletes get a full range of motion while they are competing. The also help to increase viewership of what is a very boring sport.

3. Swimming, Bodysuits,

In recent years swimmers have donned the more conservative body suits to decrease their times in the pool. They are reminiscent what Catwoman wore in Batman Returns, which is why they make it on to this list.

4. Equestrian, Costume,

Who doesn’t like a woman wearing a funny hat and big boots while riding on a horse? I just can’t understand why the horse doesn’t have a hat on.

5. Fencing, Armor,

I can only imagine how hot these women must be under this uniform, literally. Also, the mask that they wear should be standard issue to wear at all times for some of the participants.

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