Fantasy Football Team Names Part 2

With such high demand from our first Fantasy Football Team Names post, I have created part 2 of Fantasy Football Team Names.

The Fantasy Football season is around the corner, and all you fantasy football junkies are scrounging around for the best fantasy football team names.

Over the years of being involved in fantasy football, I suggest creating a unique and funny fantasy football team name for each individual fantasy league that you join.  Yes, you can use the same one over!  But why let everyone know who you are?  It’s best to keep your identity unknown in every fantasy league.

We would like to hear from you which team name you would use or let us know what you fantasy football team names you will be using this upcoming season.

  • Dirk’s Digglers
  • Brett Favre’s Wafflers
  • Cougar Bait
  • Two and a Half Mendenhall
  • Osama Bin Lions
  • Dirty Beavers
  • Softballs for Chicks
  • Vick’s Obedience School
  • OJ’s Gloves
  • The Dead Bledsoes
  • Al Davis’ Tracksuit Mafia
  • Whistle Sharp
  • Make it Reign
  • I am he
  • the one and only MR. P
  • Where’s McNabb’s mom?
  • Jamie Lynn Spears is my Co-Pilot
  • Call Me Donny
  • MR. Vegas
  • Donkey aka Chico
  • Bobby Abreu
  • I Am Legend
  • I gotta Trunk

I would like to hear your top fantasy football team names for 2008? Don’t be afraid to post your fantasy team name here, we all love dumb names.  The funnier the better!

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