2008-2009 Superbowl XLIII Odds

2008 Superbowl XLIII OddsIts that time of year again, and everyone’s getting ready for church on Sunday’s.  That’s right the 2008/09 NFL season is about to begin.  With less then 96 hours to kickoff were all getting the jitters and can’t wait for it to begin.  Las Vegas can’t waite either as they put there finishing touches on gameday lines and the 2008/09 Superbowl XLIII odds.

Don’t forget football fans and gamblers, to place your wagers on who’s gonna win the Superbowl.  The 2008 – 2009 Superbowl XLII Odds are out and yes it’s finally time to start making our bets.  Who would have ever thought the New York Giants would have won last year?  We know editor for Total Pro Sports “RobG” would have argued all day with you! (He’s a huge Giants fan)

Placing future wagers on who’s gonna win the 2008/09 Superbowl XLII, you all have to realize are the worst wagers a gambler can make.  Along with parlays, futures bets are right up there in easy money for the house.  But with that said were still all looking for the best 2008/09 Superbowl Odds XLII to bet on.  You might get great odds to win the Superbowl but remember there’s a reason for a sports book giving you such great odds on your money.

2008 – 2009 Superbowl XLIII Odds

Team Book Line Book Line
New England Patriots BetUs +300 BetOnline +300
San Diego Chargers BetUs +700 BetOnline +600
Indianapolis Colts BetUs +750 BetOnline +700
Dallas Cowboys BetUs +750 BetOnline +300
Jacksonville Jaguars BetUs +1400 BetOnline +1200
New York Giants BetUs +1800 BetOnline +2500
Minnesota Vikings BetUs +1800 BetOnline +1200
Pittsburgh Steelers BetUs +2000 BetOnline +1500
New Orleans Saints BetUs +2000 BetOnline +1500
Philadelphia Eagles BetUs +2000 BetOnline +2500
Green Bay Packers BetUs +2500 BetOnline +3000
Seattle Seahawks BetUs +2800 BetOnline +1200
Cleveland Browns BetUs +3000 BetOnline +3500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers BetUs +4000 BetOnline +1500
Washington Redskins BetUs +4000 BetOnline +4000
Denver Broncos BetUs +4000 BetOnline +4000
Tennessee Titans BetUs +4000 BetOnline +4000
New York Jets BetUs +4000 BetOnline +2000
Arizona Cardinals BetUs +5000 BetOnline +5000
Carolina Panthers BetUs +5000 BetOnline +4000
Chicago Bears BetUs +5000 BetOnline +5000
Cincinnati Bengals BetUs +6000 BetOnline +6000
Detroit Lions BetUs +6500 BetOnline +7500
Houston Texans BetUs +6500 BetOnline +6000
Baltimore Ravens BetUs +7000 BetOnline +10000
Buffalo Bills BetUs +7000 BetOnline +5000
San Francisco 49ers BetUs +7500 BetOnline +10000
St Louis Rams BetUs +8000 BetOnline +7500
Oakland Raiders BetUs +9000 BetOnline +7500
Miami Dolphins BetUs +10000 BetOnline +15000
Kansas City Chiefs BetUs +12500 BetOnline +15000
Atlanta Falcons BetUs +20000 BetOnline +15000

The 2008/09 Superbowl XLIII odds are brought to you by BetUs and BetOnline.  So be sure to make the right selection as you don’t want to put even more mobey into Vegas’ pockets.  Let’s take money from them!

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