NFL 2008 Season Preview


With the kickoff for the 2008 season a few days away it is time to start looking which teams will make some noise this year.  This is our 2008 NFL Season Preview, along with who will be this year’s SuperBowl Champion



AFC North– Cleveland Browns- This young and talented team has the potential to take the division crown away from the Steelers.

AFC South– Indianapolis Colts- Still the class of this division despite an ever improving Jacksonville team.  

AFC East– New England Patriots- The Pats will play most of the year with a chip on their shoulder because of what happened to them in last years Superbowl.

AFC West– San Diego Chargers- If their star players can stay healthy for the entire year, they should walk through this division.

Wildcard– Jacksonville Jaguars- Led by David Garrard and the best running back tandem in the league this team has a lot of potential.

Wildcard– Pittsburgh Steelers- This team is still too good to not be considered for post season play.



NFC North– Minnesota Vikings- If Jackson can limit his mistakes on offense they could be hard to beat.

NFC South Tampa Bay Buccaneers- This division is wide open and Bucs should have the edge if their defense can play up to thier potential.    

NFC East– Dallas Cowboys-  Strong on both sides the ball, Americas team looks to be inline for a great year.

NFC West- Seattle Seahawks-  Holmgrens last season as head coach means that the Hawks will continue to own this weak division.

Wildcard– New Orleans-  The addition of Shockey gives this team an even stronger offence, their defence has to step up to give them a shot.

Wildcard New York Giants-  The defending Superbowl champs should sneak into the playoffs but it will be hard for them to repeat.


Superbowl– Indianapolis Colts  vs. Dallas Cowboys

Superbowl Champion: Dallas Cowboys   

2008 NFL Season Preview