One Game Down. Many More to Come

So for those of you who sat down to watch the first game to kick off the 2008  NFL season, many may have come out disappointed (unless you were like me and had Burress on your fantasy roster).  A game that started off fast ended in what seemed to be slow motion.  A low scoring game with little excitement left us with many questions to ponder and little answers to give, but here are some things that we can conclude on based on this one game alone:

1. The Giants are not a one year wonder.   While they failed to continue their dominance after taking absolute control after the first quarter, they were sharp on defense and their offense did just enough to limit the amount of time their defense spent on the field thanks in large part to the holes opened up by thrie line to make room for Brandon Jacobs, who was the equivalent of a mack truck tonight (just ask any Redskins player who tried to tackle him).

2.  Jim Zorn has quickly lost confidence in Jason Campbell.  When your team is losing by two scores with 6 minutes remaining, how to you justify calling running plays unless they are to gain the remaining one or two yards on short yardage plays.  Well someone should ask Zorn this because that’s exactly what he did when his team was in desperate need of a score.  He may have gotten lucky once due to a face mask penalty, but to call a running play immediately afterwards seemed rather stupid in the eyes of me and probably the many others hoping for a Redskins comeback.  Campbell may have had a rough start, but if you want to win at the end of the game you have to have confidence putting the ball in the hands of your quarterback.

3.  Plaxico Burress may be one of the best first half performers in the NFL.  For those who don’t remember, Plax torched the Cowboys in their opening week game for 3 tds and well over 100 yards.  While he didn’t put up the tds like last year, he definitely made some great catches in key moments and helped the giants on many of their scoring drives (especially the first one that produced their only touchdown).  How long will he keep his up for?  That is the question that many Giants fans are looking for the answer too, but as long as he is healthy you can count on him and Eli to make several connections down field.

We are only one game in but already there are many questions to be raised.  The bar has been set and the defending Superbowl champs came out with a strong effort.  now with Sunday approaching, the next question should be: