From Ice to Felt: Mats Sundin Signs With Poker Stars

Mats Sundin Signs With Poker StarsThe great Mats Sundin has decided to play poker instead of joining an NHL training camp. Mats Sundin has just recently signed on with the largest online poker room on the net “Poker Stars”. I guess the prospect of playing online poker is better than playing for the Maple Leafs. Who can blame him really, poker puts a lot less stress on his body and Poker Stars seems to be throwing money around these days.

The former Toronto Maple Leafs captain joins Poker Stars as it’s International Celebrity Ambassador. Online he will play at Poker Stars as “MatsSundin” he will also be representing Poker Stars as sponsored player in the European Poker Tour “EPT” beginning in Barcelona.

“I am very proud to become an ambassador for Poker Stars. It means I will be more able to fulfill my personal ambition of working with charities around the world and I will be donating 100 percent of the money I earn from playing poker to charity,” he said. “For me, the combination of excitement and challenge in poker, plus the potential to support good causes is a win-win situation.”

Being a Hockey player myself, playing “Poker” I think runs in our blood. Either on the plane or those horrendous long bus rides. We always seem to have a deck of cards or a laptop in our hands looking for for a game or someone to play.

Sundin: “I have always enjoyed playing poker and partnering with Poker Stars gives me the opportunity to challenge myself and explore the full potential of my game. I believe the fighting spirit I’ve developed as a hockey pro will really help me at the tables.”

Mats Sundin has had an illustrious career in the NHL, if he decides he’s had enough I think he will go down in history as one of the greatest hockey players ever.

Sundin’s Career

  • Longest serving European captain of an NHL franchise in league history.
  • Led the Swedish national team to 5 medals.
  • Most career points, goals and assists by a Swedish hockey player.
  • Holds the NHL record for most overtime goals.
  • First European hockey player to be drafted first overall in the NHL Entry Draft (1989 by the Quebec Nordiques)

A career that aspiring hockey players could only dream of! Maybe it is time for Mats Sundin to hang up the skates and begin grinding the poker tables.

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