Tom Brady Injury Report

Tom Brady Injury versus the ChiefsAnyone who watched the golden boy Tom Brady take a low hit to his knee is wondering about the extent of Brady’s injury.  If he has a torn ligament in his knee and is out for an extended period of the time the entire landscape of the NFL will be changed dramatically.   If Tom Brady’s injury is a Torn ACL and done for the year who will replace him?  Matt Cassel?  Drew Bledsoe? Doug Flutie? or maybe Daunte Culpepper?  There is an unverified report circulating that Dan Marino is working out and looks to be in tremendous shape.  As of right now NBC is reporting that he will be missing a significant amount of time.  By this time tommorow we will know for sure, but you can be sure to check back here at Total Pro Sports as one of our new contributors lives in New England.