Francisco Rodriguez Ties Record For Saves

Francisco Rodriguez Ties record For SavesTotal Pro Sports – This kid “Francisco Rodriguez” is just amazing, he has just tied the record for saves by a closer.

Would you want him on your teams, get Francisco Rodriguez on your fantasy baseball team or get him on your Major league team it doesn’t matter.  This kid will get the job done!

Rodriguez plays on a top ranked team in the Majors and yes he will have more save opportunity in the MLB because of this.  But it’s one thing to have those opportunities and another to close them out, and Rodriguez closes them out on a consistent basis.

Keep an eye on Francisco Rodriguez  as he will break this record in the upcoming days and eventually go down in history as one of the most dominant and greatest closers in baseball.

A day after the Angels achieved their team goal by winning the American League West title, they got closer to one of their individual goals.

Francisco Rodriguez equaled Bobby Thigpen’s major league record of 57 saves when the Angels defeated the Seattle Mariners, 7-4, on Thursday night at Angel Stadium.
“I have to give credit to my teammates,” Rodriguez said. “I’d be really, really selfish if I said I set it by myself. But that’s what I get paid for. That’s my job right there.”

So now what?

After becoming the first manager to win a playoff berth this season and the first in history to win an AL West title before mid-September, Mike Scioscia found himself contemplating that very question.

Not that it was a bad question to have to answer, mind you. It’s just that it’s a new one for Scioscia, who has won four division titles and a World Series since 2002 but, until now, had never clinched a playoff berth before the final week of the season.

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