Vince Young, not so good, not so smart

Many reports have circulated in recent days speculating on the status of Vince Young and his future as an NFL quarterback.  Sorry to all you Tennessee Titan fans but Vince Young could be history in the Music city. 

Look at the really good quarterbacks in the league like Brady, the Manning brothers, and Donovan Mcnabb, what is one thing they all have in common?  They are intelligent guys.  NFL Quarterbacks are regarded as some of the smartest people in all of sports, and anyone who has ever listened to Vince Young speak would never make that assumption.  I’m not saying that Vince Young is moron, but I don’t think he is even half as smart as his Pro bowl counterparts.

If Young is on your fantasy team right now, drop him and pick up anybody else because it may be a while before he plays again.  Even in he does return to the field, he has yet to prove that he is worth starting in any league.  Move over Alex Smith, because it looks like Vince Young is yet another gigantic bust in the NFL.