Carlos Zambrano No Hits The Astros

Carlos Zambrano No HitterTotal Pro Sports – After being off from the game for 11 days Carlos Zambrano came back with full force on Sunday night.  Throwing a No hitter against the Houston Astros at Miller Park in Milwaukee.  The game was played at Miller Park in Milwaukee because of Hurricane Ike which ravaged through the city of Houston.

So instead of throwing a No hitter in front of Astros fans, Carlos Zambrano pitched against a large gathering of Chicago Cubs fans.  The Hurricane worked out perfect for Cubs fans.  Having the relocation of the game played at Miller Park, Chicago fans only had to drive 1 hour and 30 minutes to see a career performance by their star pitcher. 

After Zambrano’s final pitch he fell to both knees giving praise to the man above.  


Immediately after finishing off the game of his life, Carlos Zambrano got down on one knee and thrust his arms toward the sky.

The emotional right-hander threw the Cubs’ first no-hitter in 36 years Sunday night, a 5-0 win over Houston at Miller Park in which he returned from an 11-day layoff in his own inimitable style.

“I guess I’m back,” Zambrano said with a wide smile.

Big Z is back, all right, and better than ever.

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