Roy Williams Unhappy About Being A Number 2 Receiver

Roy Williams LionsTotal Pro Sports – Roy Williams is unhappy about the Detroit Lions and how he is being treated as a #2 reviver on the team.  We see no reason for him to even be considered a number one receiver on the Lions team.  Ever since drafting Calvin Johnson 2 years ago out of Georgia Tech, Roy Williams was immediately labeled the number 2 receiver on the team. 

He has shown nothign really over extravegant since being drafted 5 years ago.  Roy had one decent season in 2007, 7 touchdowns and 1300 plus yards, other then that he hasn;t shown why he should be the go to guy on the Lions. 

If he wants to see the ball more he better start showing some effort and will to play the game.  The days he was playing at Texas is the Roy Williams the Detroit Lions want to see on and off the field.  


He kept his sense of humor. But Roy Williams made it clear Monday that because the Lions are losing, he is not happy with how often he is thrown the ball and the role of No. 2 receiver.

“I feel that if I’m not involved in the game and we lose, I’m (ticked) off,” Williams said.

“But if I’m not involved and we win, hey, it’s a great job. And I’ve been like that since I’ve been here. I just feel like I can make some plays as well. … Three balls a week, that’s not going to cut it.”

Asked if he had himself on his fantasy team, Williams said: “Heck, no.” Asked if he had teammate Calvin Johnson, Williams said: “Yeah, I got Calvin.”

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