Dallas Cowboys New Stadium Worth $1.3 billion

Jerry JonesPurchasing the Dallas Cowboys back in 1990 for $150 million, was a great investment for current owner Jerry Jones.  The Dallas Cowboys are now the richest franchise in the NFL, worth approx $1.6 billion. 

During the process of finding land suitable to build this monstrosity of a stadium, Jerry actually considered moving the team to the city of Dallas.  But Jones decided to stay in Arlington, Texas, with the help of $325 Million in tax payers money. 

The daily costs top up at about $1 million, bringing the total building costs to around $1.3 Billion dollars, hopefully! as long as there are no delays and everything stays on schedule.  The stadium is scheduled to open for the 2009 NFL season. 

Jerry Jones is most proud of the 2160 inch video screen spanning 60 yards, with a price tag set at $45 million, Jones only buys the best for his fans.  Jones has said that this stadium will become his families legacy.  He thinks that once its finally built it will be as recognizable as the white house in Washington, D.C.  The new home of the Dallas Cowboys has two quarter mile arches and a hole in the retractable roof the same as the old Texas Stadium.  The new Texas Stadium is so big it can hold 8 events at a time. 

When Jerry Jones does something its always bigger and better then anyone else, its in his blood to be number 1, all the time.  If you have a chance to visit the stadium when it opens be sure too, it will be something that all football fans will appreciate.