Gus Frerotte Will Start Sunday

Gus Frerotte will start on sundayTotal Pro Sports – Coach of the Minnesota Vikings Brad Childress has turned to veteran quarterback Gus Frerotte and named him the starter for the rest of the season.  This means that third year man Tarvaris Jackson out of Alabama State will serve duties on the “Pine” for the rest of the season.  The team is already off to an 0-2 start and can’t fall any further behind after this Sundays game against the Carolina Panthers. 

“I’m just not seeing right now the aggressiveness from Tarvaris that I saw throughout the off season, training camp, the two preseason games that he played in,” Childress said. “And part of it may be experience. I know Gus will give us that. And I know his approach will also lend itself to that.”

Also most people did not know that Tarvaris Jackson had been playing injured with a sprained “MCL”, Jackson had this to say after it was announced that he would be on the second quarterback on the team:

“I wish I had more time, but it’s Coach’s decision,” Jackson said. “I don’t want all my work to go to waste. I felt like I’ve come this far and I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am now and I’m going to continue to work hard and keep trying to get better and take it one day at a time. Whatever happens, happens.”

Tarvaris Jackson has stayed positive about this whole situation, “I could easily hold my head low, keep my head down, you know, be a cancer to the team. I’m still frustrated and mad about the situation, but I’m going to use that as motivation to try to get better and just better myself for the future.”  He will be given a second chance, Gus Frerotte is a veteran and will only be around for so long.