Noel Not So Devine

Noel DevineThe West Virgina Mountaineers lost a close game to the Colorado Buffaloes in overtime on Thursday night.  A key play that could have changed the outcome of the game came on a 3rd down in OT.  Star running back Noel Devine had to leave the field with some sort of equipment problem.  This turned out to be major turning point as backup Jock Sanders failed to gain enough yards for the first down.  West Virgina then missed the field goal which sealed their fate.  The Colorado Buffaloes were able to kick a field goal to win the game and stun the Mountaineers.

Another key play came early in the 4th quarter when backup QB Bradley Starks failed to complete a pass to a wide open Sanders.  This play would have surely been a touchdown and it could have secured the victory for West Virgina. 

QB Pat White had a horrible night passing, he completed only 10 passes for a whopping 43 yards, he did have 149 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns.  This loss will drop them out of the top 25 for sure and could hurt White’s Heisman hopes.  The win over the West Virgina Mountaineers is big boost to the Colorado Buffaloes Football program.