Matt Millen Out As Lions Team CEO, President

Matt MillenTotal Pro Sports – After 7 years of total disgrace Matt Millen has finally been removed as the Detroit Lions Team CEO and President.  The long awaited firing or so called “Removal” of Matt Millen is a joy to Lions fans.  The change in office and the overall leader of the team will finally bring some ease to the struggling franchise. 

Through this dismal 7 years the Lions are an NFL worst 31-84 since Matt Millen took over in 2001, Millen has gone through three head coaches, and not to mention draft picks that all have basically flopped from top notch stars in College to busts in the NFL with the Lions.  If I was a standout college player and was drafted by the Detroit Lions you can bet I would stay home till I was traded.  Either way my career would go down the drain if i did or didnt play with the Lions. 

The Matt Millen era is finally done in Detroit, lets see if they can now turn this franchise around and bring them back to what everyone knew the Lions to be.

Here are just a few of Mat Millen’s Top Draft Choices over the last 7 years.  Coming out of college as a star, turning into a fallen one.

Top 6 Matt Millen Draft Pick Busts

  1. Charles Rogers, WR, Michigan State (1st Rd, 2nd pk)
  2. Joey Harrington, QB, Oregon (1st Rd, 3rd pk)
  3. Mike Williams, WR, USC (1st Rd, 10th pk)
  4. Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech (1st Rd, 30th pk)
  5. Roy Williams, WR, Texas (1st Rd, 7th pk)
  6. Jeff Backus, T, Michigan (1st Rd, 18th pk)

Maybe Matt Millen’s replacement can do better, I think they should be able to!