A New Face In Baseball? Kim Ng

Kim Ng To SeattleTotal Pro Sports – Reports out of Seattle are indicating that the next general manager may in fact be a woman.  The president of the Mariners has recently been quoted as saying that the team is considering a wide range of candidates for the position, including the possibility of the first woman general manager in major league history.

After becoming the first team in Major League history to lose 100 games having a $100 million dollar payroll, drastic changes need to be made.  Coming into the season the Seattle Mariners were the supposed favorite to win the AL West but on Friday they lost their 101st game against the Oakland A’s, their most loses since 1983.

The question can and will be posed, is this a step in the right direction for the Mariners?  Some may argue that it is not a good decision by President Chuck Armstrong for the simple fact that if the plan backfires it may lead to more scrutiny against himself.  On the other hand if it does work he will look like a genius and receives praise for his decision.

Who is this female we speak of?  She is no stranger to the front office position, her name is Kim Ng, a 39 year old assistant GM for the Los Angles Dodgers.  Ng has had her job for seven years with the Dodgers, her responsibilities include player acquisitions, contract negotiations, as well as overseeing the club’s arbitration cases, player development, and player scouting departments.

Already a huge influence on the game of baseball, Ng has left her mark in baseball history; her work however, has not gone unnoticed.  She has received prestigious accolades during her tenure with the Dodgers, in 2006 she was considered a top general manager prospect in its “Best Tools” issue by Baseball America.  She has also been considered one of the future leaders to watch by Baseball America in its 25Th anniversary issue saluting the most influential people in the game.

This is a huge step for the baseball world, if Kim Ng does get hired as General Manager of the Seattle Mariners it will be the first time in a major sport where a women has been hired to take on a major role of the team.  If she has the ability and the knowledge, then why not higher Kim Ng to run the Mariners.  It is in 2008, color barriers were broken in 1945! Everyone should be given a fair chance.  �

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