Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Goalies

Martin BrodeurTotal Pro Sports – If you don’t have a good goalie in net for your 2008-2009 fantasy hockey team them you might as well fold your team and ask your commissioner for your money back.  Most fantasy poolies don’t realize how important a goalie can be to your fantasy hockey team.

If your in a fantasy league where goalies receive 2 fantasy points for a win and 3 fantasy points for a shutout, then a top 2008-2009 fantasy hockey goalie will put your team over the top.  Think about it, if your goalie wins 35+ games and gets 5 shutouts, thats a total of 85 points for your fantasy hockey team.  Now you see how they can be more valuable them most players drafted in the first 3 rounds.

Lets take a look at my top 5 2008-2009 fantasy hockey goalies for your fantasy hockey team in the upcoming Hockey season.

1.  Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils – This is a no brainer at #1 on our list, how can you not put the most consitant goalie in the NHL over the past 5+ years at this spot.  If he’s available in the first round when you make your fantasy pick then don’t be shy to select Marty.  A goalie who plays most of the games for the Devils and will easily get over 5 shutouts this season.  He will definaltey make you proud when you bring the cup home from your fantasy hockey league.

2.  Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks – A leader on and off the ice, Roberto Luongo was just recently named team captain of the Vancouver Canucks.  If your wondering if he will wear the “C” on his jersey,NHL rules state that no goalie is allowed to wear the “C” during any NHL game.  Willie Mitchell will serve duties discussing situations with the referees during the game and Mattias Ohlund will take any special opening face offs.

In 2007 his stats were 35 wins 6 shutout, any reason in not selecting him if he’s available late first round or early second round in your fantasy hockey league?  I hope not.  You can’t get any more consistent with Roberto in your net since 2002 he has always won over 20 games and 5 shutouts.  The only thing that scares me here is the Vancouver Canucks as a team.  I know Luongo will always be there to help his team win but with the new changes Vancouver, will they be able to work together and help Loungo win?

3.  Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers – An absolutley stellar season last year with the Rangers, Henrik Lundqvist won 37 games and had 10 shutouts.  Need I say more?  With an improved Rangers team you can be sure that those numbers will only get better.  Over the past 3 seasons with the Rangers, Henrik Lundqvist’s stats have always improved.  If last year he won 37 games and had 5 shutouts, what will he do this year?  45 wins and 15 shutouts, you never know anything is possible!

4.  Mikka Kiprusoff, Calgary Flames – Michael Cammalleri and Jarome Iginla on one line, the opposing goalie better be wearing sunscreen because the red light from all the goals is gonna give him a sunburn!  With the additons of Michael Cammalleri and Todd Bertuzzi will only improve on Mikka Kiprusoff stats from last year.  Even though most will say Kipper had an off year with 39 wins and 2 shutouts, we still think that’s solid for a fantasy hockey team.  Don’t be scared to draft the Kipper late first round or early second round of your fantasy hockey draft.  We think his numbers could be more like 43 wins and 8 shutouts this year without a sweat.

5.  Evgeni Nabokov, San Jose Sharks – This was a close one for us, it was either Marc-Andre Fleury from the Penguins or Nabokov.  We dediced with the injuries to the Penguins defence this #5 spot has Evgeni Nabokov’s name all over it.  In San Jose, when it comes to drafting goalies they can do it with their eyes closed.  With the likes of Mikka Kiprusoff, Evgeni Nabokov, and Vesa Toskala they have always developed solid goaltending.

Finishing first in their division last year, they Sharks will do the same this year.  Having Nabby play most of their games, 77 of 82 that is.  He totaled 46 wins and 6 shutouts………………need another reason to draft Evgeni Nabokov?  If you draft him you wont be disappointed.

Be sure to select one of these top 5 fantasy goalies in your fantasy hockey pool this year.

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