Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Defensemen

Niklas LidstromTotal Pro Sports – 2008-2009 fantasy hockey Defensemen are an important factor on you fantasy hockey teams.  If Defensemen are a mandatory selection then don’t be afraid to start selecting them in the early rounds of your leagues draft.  If you must start 2 Defensemen then be sure to have a Top 10 Defensemen in the NHL on your team.  If you don’t then you probably will find yourself not competing for the championship.

Just remember start selecting Defensemen early in the draft only if you have to start them on your rostr.  If not then don’t overate these players in your leagues.  Too many poolies overrate Defensemen in their leagues when there not needed.  Remember if the top “D” in the NHL scored 70 points then they should start being selected when the 70 point players start going in the draft.

Lets take a look at my top 5 2008-2009 fantasy hockey Defensemen for your fantasy hockey team in the upcoming Hockey season.

1.  Niklas Lidstrom, Detroit Red Wings – After leading his team to a Stanley Cup win last year, Niklas Lidstrom is at the top of his game and at the top of our fantasy hockey defensemen in the NHL.  As Lidstrom gets older (38 years of age)  he keeps on putting up consistent numbers.  Last year he had 10 goals, 60 assists for 70 points.  Most forwards don’t put up numbers like this and your gonna get it from a defensemen.  Be sure to select Niklas Lidstrom in the second to mid thrid round.  Don’t let him fall any further then that cause he probably won’t be available in your fantasy hockey draft.

2.  Dion Phaneuf, Calgary Flames – This 23 year old from Edmonton, Alberta is an absolute monster, he not only puts points on the board he takes the body and hell pretty much take anyone on in a fight.  Each year Dion improves on his number, last year he had 17 goals and 43 assists for 60 points.  Don’t be surprised next fantasy hockey season when you see Phanuef first on our list of Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Defensemen.  Don’t let Dion Phaneuf fall further then the 3rd round, where D’s play an important factor with you fantasy hockey team.

 3.  Brian Campbell, Chicago Blackhawks– What a great pick up for the young Blackhawaks.  This kid can skate with the puck, play the body, and is a leader on the ice.  Last year Campbell had 8 goals 54 assists for 62 points a career year for him.  We think this will greatly improve quarterbacking the Chicago Blackhawks power play this year.  We can see Campbell having another career year, putting up something in the range of 75 points plus. 

4.  Sergei Gonchar, Pittsburgh Penguins– Gonchar is out for 4-6 months with a shoulder injury, he would have been probably number 3 on our list of fantasy defensemen.  We had to inlcude him in our top 5 because of his past performance.  Even though he is injured, he will probably be back by mid January and salavage his season with about 2 months to go.  If he wasn’t injured Gonchar would be a no brainer as your number one defensemen on you fantasy hockey team.  Even though he is imjured alot of fantasy team owners are taking a chance on him and drafting him in late rounds to keep on the bench.  Keep this in mind

5.  Dan Boyle, San Jose Sharks–  After only playing 37 games last year due to a freak accident where a skate lacerated a tendon in his wrist.  The Lightning decided to go in a different direction and let the San Jose Sharks land the All Star defensemen.  Last year in only 37 games Boyle had 25 points, if he can stay healthy he will easliy put up 70 points this year with a solid Sharks team.  Playing alongside Rob Blake and having Big Joe Thornton upfront on the power play.  This will give most opposing team nightmares.  Draft him early and give yourself a pat on the back after you do so, because this guy wont let you down.

Honorable Mention:  Tomas Kaberle, Zdeno Chara, Brian Rafalski, Andrei Markov, Scott Niedermayer.

Sleepers:  Matt Carle, Cam Barker, Trevor Daly.�

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