Evander Holyfield To Face Nikolai Valuev

Evander HolyfieldEvander Holyfield to fight Nikolai Valuev for WBA World Heavyweight Title

Is this guy really serious?  Evander, please wake up.  Your 46 years old and you want to fight a 7ft, 320 pound Russian monster “Nikolai Valuev” (49-1, 34 KOs).  I know your 6′ 2″ and about 215 pounds, and you think your in good shape, but come on Evander, your 46 years old.  Don’t you want to live your life peacefully after 50, with just a few health problems?  

Your only getting $750,000 for this fight, and i know somone has to pay the expenses for you luxurious 54,000 square-foot suburban estate in Atlanta, Georgia.  This fight has the potential for Evander Holyfield to get really hurt, and cause more damage to an already battered body.  He already can barely talk with all the head shots that he has received over the years, at times he sounds like daffy duck.

I think the boxing commission should step up here and just tell him that he is not allowed to fight.  If not the boxing commission, then his family should just say no to this fight. 

Evander you had such a great career, end it on a high note.  Not one that can potentially ruin your life forever!�

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