NHL Players: Who’s Hot? Who’s Not? Week 1

Brandon DubinskyTotal Pro Sports – The NHL is finally under way and all of you fantasy sports junkies are already checking your fantasy hockey pools to see if your in first place.  Remember its not a sprint to the finish, it’s a marathon! many things can happen in an 82 game season.  Its so hard to determine where your fantasy hockey team will finish after only 6 games.

You will also find some surprising players early in the season putting up some big fantasy numbers.  Don’t take this to literally as they will eventually die off and they’ll just be hidden somewhere on your fantasy hockey teams bench. 

So which of your NHL players are hot? and who’s not? early in this 2008-2009 NHL season? 

Hot NHL Fantasy Players 

Aaron Voros, New York Rangers– Who?  That’s what were saying right now as we write this.  Voros, was drafted by the Devils in 2001: 8th Rnd, 229th, this is his first year in the NHL.  He is as of now first in the NHL in points, playing alongside Brandon Dubinsky who is second in the league in points.  How long will this last?  We think not to long.  If you want to grab some quick Fantasy hockey points for your team, we recommend you pick him up.  Otherwise don’t expect this kid to put up more then 40 points this year.

Brandon Dubinsky, New York Rangers– OK, your probably saying that’s not fair the Rangers have played more games than anyone else in the NHL.  But how can we not have Brandon Dubinsky on our list of hot NHL players for your fantasy hockey team?  Last year Dubinsky has a solid first NHL year, he played all 82 games for the Rangers and recorded a solid 40 points.  We can see Brandon Dubinsky easily putting up 65 points this year with a cup contender New York Rangers.  If he’s still available in your fantasy hockey league pick him up as a second option.

Marc Savard, Boston Bruins– The assist man is atop our list of Hot NHL fantasy players for week 1.  Marc Savard this year has an unexpected 5 goals and 1 assist in 3 games.  Your probably typing his name into to google to see if these stats are actually true.  That’s right 5 goals, he’s a third of the way from his total last year and were only 3 games into this early season.  Don’t expect this same production of goals from Savard to continue, we can see him easily scoring about 20 goals this year.  Now if your wondering about assists, the Sky’s the limit for this Bruin.  Savard is always in the top 2 for assists in the NHL, no need to worry about his total so far.  For some odd reason if hes available in your fantasy hockey league, piiiiiccccckkkkk himmmmmmm upppppppp!!!!!!!!!!! He won’t be so no need checking.  If you have Savard on your team start him every week he won’t disappoint you.

Honorable MentionMike Green (Capitals), Alexander Semin (Capitals), Andrei Markov (Canadiens), Bryan Little (Thrashers).

Cold NHL Fantasy Players 

Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks– Oh where have you gone Mr. Getzlaf?  4 games played, 0 assists, 0 goals, 0 points and a -3 plus/minus rating.  The Ducks are playing like an expansion team so far in this early NHL season.  Don’t get to worried on Getzalfs stats so far hell pick it up, don’t give up on him yet.  If you can steal him away from another fantasy hockey team owner in your league then we recommend you try to pick him up.  We compare Ryan Getzlaf and the Ducks of Anaheim to the United States economy right now “In the red, and slowly drowning”, but we see him making a quicker return then the American economy, so that can be a plus.

Marian Gaborik, Minnesota Wild– For a first place Wild team Marian Gaborik has 1 goal.  Do you see the trend in our Hot and Cold NHL Fantasy hockey players so far?  Unknowns are Hot and top NHL players are cold.  This is standard reacurence every year in the NHL.  Never fear, Gaborik will pick up the pace and make all fantasy hockey owners very happy.

Chris Drury, New York Rangers– 6 games played, and 1 assist on a high flying New York Rangers team.  Let me repeat, 6 games played, and 1 assist on a high flying New York Rangers team.  This does not make sense, his stats should be more like 6 games played 8 total points.  Drury is so overrated and taken for some reason way to early in most fantasy hockey drafts.  He has never had a better year then 68 points, and he’s getting paid as if hes puts up 98 points a year.  Keep him as a second or third option on your fantasy hockey team.  Even while playing on a great team like the Rangers don’t expect more then 55 points from Drury this year.  Unbelievable for a guy earning $7 million a year.  Well give him credit for one thing he is definitely a leader!

Honorable MentionTeemu Selanne (Ducks), Steven Stamkos (Lightning), Jonathan Toews (Blackhawks).

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