GO MATS GO……T.O. Montreal?

Mats Sundin in TorontoTotal Pro Sports – So here it is, my first blog on the exploding TotalProSports.com.

Now you ask, what is so important that I get off a comfortable leather couch, admist a gorgeous unit, in the 3rd period of a Penquins/Capitals game where the caps have tied it 3-3 in the third? The answer, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Leaf legend Mats Sundin.

So today I was at work in lovely downtown Toronto. My manager, who is pretty hot, was taking me on a counselling lunch at the fancy Bymark restaurant. As you now probably suspect, I see Toronto’s captain Mats Sundin. Mats was looking good, in prime game shape. My first thought was the obvious, the guy is here to meet with Leaf brass and arrange his return to the line up. I was pretty jacked thinking the leafs will finally have the genuine superstar back and ready to make something out of nothing, also referred to as the Toronto Maple Leaf forwards. However, to my dismay I was quickly disappointed. To make a long story short the waiter at Bymark is a friend of my manager, and she revealed to us that the white chubby bald guy was not a Maple Leaf executive, instead he was a real estate agent discussing personal matters with Mats. That is the only factual information that I have, the rest is speculation, and Im thinking the worst. Mats Sundin is selling his house and will not play another game for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Mats has nothing left to do and or prove in Toronto. Regardless of how good a player Mats is, he cant accomplish much with this shady squad that is nowhere near competing at the top of the NHL. That is why Mats will likely retire before he comes back to Toronto. If Mats is coming back to the NHL he is coming back to a contender that means business, and right now that team is the Montreal Canadiens. And trust me, as a die hard Leaf fan it hurts me to say that. Montreal showed allot of interest in Mats during the summer and now they have exploded, like TPS, into the 2008-2009 season, smashing the Leafs 6-1 in the process. The Canadiens focused on the Stanley Cup and are being led by true winners in Gainey, Carboneau and Muller. The Canadiens are the best route for Mats Sundin to the cup right now, and Mats knows this. Though it is a tough pill to swallow, I would not blame Mats for making a move to the Leafs greatest rival.

Mats has put in many years of great service for the Leafs and the city of Toronto. Mats has always produced and worked hard for his team without ever saying a peep or wining about his AHL calibre linemates. How do the Leafs repay arguably their greatest captain? by asking him to accept a trade and throwing him to the wolves (Toronto media) when the guy is considering retirement and closing out his career in the blue and white. Nevertheless, the Leaf organization doesn’t care about Mats and so Mats doesn’t have to care about the Leaf organization. If Mats wants to return to the NHL and go after the Stanley Cup he deserves, then I’ll support him wherever he chooses to play. Mats has earned the right to be selfish for once in his career. And even though I much rather see Mats play in Detroit or Pittsburgh, I understand that Montreal is Mats best option right now.


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