Kobe Bryant Jumps Over A Car?

Kobe Jumps Over CarTotal Pro Sports – DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!  If you have yet to see this video/commercial, this is just crazy, Kobe Bryant “I Got This” of the Los Angeles Lakers, jumps over an Aston Martin in a parking lot.  What looks to be his sidekick “Ronnie Turiaf” former member of the Los Angeles Lakers is there witness it all.  Sicko’s or just video editing, which ever one it is this video kept me in awe.

A great viral marketing campaign for NIKE, they are sure to sell a boatload of those NIKE shoes that Kobe Bryant is wearing.  Everyone will think they can jump over cars driving at 65 M/HR.  I’m going out to Footlocker now to buy my pair!

In honesty, a guy making hundreds of millions dollars, probably wouldn’t risk his life and career just to film a video or commercial.  It didn’t matter how much you pay me, I wouldn’t JUST DO IT! Nike.

Is this video real or fake we want to here from you the viewer what you think? 

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