Game Review: FIFA Soccer 2009

FIFA Soccer 2009I Went out and purchased Fifa Soccer 2009 yesterday, so I figured I’d give the Total Pro Sports readers my review.

I switched to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) in recent years. Even without the licenses and variety of teams that Fifa has, the game play was in a class of its own. I still continue to purchase Fifa every year for the simple reason that PES doesn’t come out in North America until months after Fifa.

This year’s game has really impressed me so far, and for the first time in recent years, I’m not sure that PES will be better.

Game play 8/10

Fifa’s 09 game play has improved a great deal from recent years. This year Fifa soccer 2009 offers more of the pro evolution feeling. The game play is quicker, and players react to what is happening on the field, rather than simply running to where they are programmed to move. The game is simply more entertaining compared to recent years.

One major difference you will notice instantly in FIFA 09 soccer is how realistic the tackling is now. Sliding tackles are great in the game! They are very convincing, and the bounce / deflection of the ball after the tackles is lifelike. Hand balls are even called in this game, something I never really seen in any soccer title in the past. Players react to tackles as they would in a normal footy match, and injuries are in-accordance with the tackles.

Skill moves work better this year as well.

Visual 9/10

FIFA soccer 09 looks better than ever. It’s the attention to detail that really impressed me in this year’s installment. The players look crisper, and their movement is less robotic then recent versions. The grass moves as the ball is moving through it, but keep in mind you won’t really notice this when playing on the classic telecast camera view. Players also get dirty as the game goes on, or they perform slide tackles.

Other Features:

Not sure if this is available on all platforms, but EAsports will be monitoring different leagues and players from around the world and offering weekly updates to reflect transfers, and players current performance. From what I know thus far, EA is offering this service for one league of our choice for free and if you wish to have other leagues, there will be a fee.

Overall 8.5/10

If you are a regular Fifa Soccer 2009 enthusiast, you should not be disappointed with this year’s version. If in recent years you have switched over to Pro Evolution Soccer, this may be the year you come back to your soccer gaming roots. Fifa 09 has the potential to give Pro Evolution a serious run for its money, and may once again claim supremacy on the pitch.

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