2 NHL Franchises In Toronto?

Jim Basille

Total Pro Sports – Imagine having 2 NHL franchises in the city of Toronto? You may think this is funny, but it’s reality. Reported by the Globe and Mail today, is that NHL governors have been talking and it was discussed possibly having 2 franchises in the city of Toronto or in Southern Ontario.

“Why shouldn’t we put another team in the best and biggest market in the world?” one of several NHL governors who spoke with The Globe anonymously said of the Greater Toronto Area.

According to this governor, one idea floated is for prospective owner Jim Balsillie to be rewarded with an expansion team in Toronto after helping to restore financial ballast to the Nashville Predators.

“I’ve heard this exact scenario,” a second governor said. Source – theglobeandmail.com

The thought of adding another franchise in Canada’s largest city and one of the largest hockey markets in the world, via expansion or relocation is an absolute joke. 2 NHL teams in Toronto? they are trying to rebuild the Leafs now.

The NHL should worry about relocation where it’s needed, Quebec City, Winnipeg, or any other City in Canada. With the help of government funding, you can be sure to have sell outs every night. The NHL needs true hockey fans, like Toronto has. We don’t need NHL franchises in some cities of the USA because they have a population over 2.5 million. Just look at how their struggling to fill their buildings in Nashville, Florida, and Tampa Bay. Maybe Gary Bettman should add another team in Jacksonville, Florida? 2 teams in the state of Florida common Gary.

Both the NHL and Richard Peddie, President and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment had very little to say about the reports.

“I think we’re mindful of all trends and part of our job is to plan long term and of course we try to be cognizant of all issues and opportunities and start contemplating what the necessary resolution has to be,” said Peddie.

Is this a good idea or a bad idea? I mean if you look at where pro sports has succeeded with multiple franchises in one city. Los Angeles with the Lakers and the Clippers who play out of the Staples Center, and in New York with the Giants and the Jets who play out of the Meadowlands and the Mets and Yankees who have their own Ball Parks. Remember New York has a population over 8.2 million and Los Angeles is pushing over 10 million people. The city of Toronto “GTA” has only 5.5 million people, compared to the top 2 cities in the USA, were are a little behind.

So soon we forget when Toronto fought against the thought of Jim Basille bringing the Predators from Nashville to the Hamilton area, and Hamilton is only 40 minutes from Toronto.

The chances of Toronto getting another NHL franchise are the same chances of the Leafs winning a Stanley Cup, the Raptors landing Kobe Bryant, and the city of Montreal getting another Major League Baseball team.

You see where I’m going with this…….It will never happen so don’t read into any reports, THERE WILL NEVER BE 2 NHL FRANCHISES IN THE CITY OF TORONTO!!!!!!!!

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