Marian Gaborik Headed To Montreal?

Marian GaborikTotal Pro Sports – Reports out of Minnesota indicate the Montreal Canadiens are interested in All Star forward Marian Gaborik. Marian Gaborik has only played 2 games this year due to a lower body injury and has added 1 point.

If Marian can stay healthy this kid is a monster, last year he recorded 42 goals, 41 assists in 77 games. If the Habs can find a way to pick him up this would be huge for them and there Stanley Cup run. With a power play that is tops in the league, imagine adding Marian Gaborik to the mix…….Unstoppable.

Other reports coming out of Minnesota, indicate the Penguins are interested, but Minny is asking for Evgeni “Geno” Malkin straight up, the Oilers who are also interested in the Star forward. But Marian Gaborik wants out of Minny, do you actually think he will last long in Edmonton?


Got a call this morning from a frantic Montreal sports radio station.

“Chris Higgins is not skating,” the voice said. “He’s not in the building. What are you hearing on your end?”

Oh, boy. Here we go …

The Marian Gaborik story has gone international, and what was briefly the Twin Cities’ own little hockey drama has quickly jumped the shark. What had moved incrementally via reporting and sourcing has been pushed into hyper drive by rumor, innuendo and speculation.

So get ready, Wild fans, it’s full-tilt-boogie on the Gabby rumors until this thing is resolved.

Rumors have been out there, but mostly crazy ones, such as Gaborik straight up for Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin (Wild: “Uh, where do I sign?”) or Gaborik to Edmonton (he doesn’t want to be here, you think he wants to be in Edmonton?).

But the rumor the Montreal press was sinking its teeth into Monday isn’t so patently insane: Gaborik to Montreal for winger Higgins, backup goalie Jaroslav Halak and either a first-round draft pick or top prospect Ryan McDonagh (yes, that Ryan McDonagh).

Like all rumors, this one is not substantiated by a named source. That doesn’t mean it’s not true, but it does mean one should approach it with caution. For one thing, the numbers don’t add up: If the deal were done as is, Montreal would be about $3.86 million over the cap. And acquiring a backup goaltender doesn’t make much sense for the Wild.

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