Mats Sundin Ready After Physical

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Mats is coming back to the NHL very soon, we will just all have to wait and see who that will be with. Lips are sealed and nothings getting out. Hopefully he doesn’t make the wrong the decison and come back to the Leafs. Go to a contender where you can end your career on a high note, the Habs, Red Wings, or the Rangers are his best bet to win the Stanley Cup.


Mats Sundin has taken the first step toward a return to the NHL.

The 37-year-old free-agent centre underwent a physical exam at a Toronto hospital yesterday — necessary to begin a rigorous period of training to continue his hockey career.

Sundin, who spent the past 13 NHL seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, returned to the city last week and soon is expected to travel to Los Angeles to begin a two-week on-ice training stint.

It is believed that after those two weeks are up, he will begin talking to NHL teams to determine the best fit for him. Mats Sundin underwent a physical exam at a Toronto hospital yesterday – necessary to begin a rigorous period of training to continue his hockey career.

Sundin said last month he won’t decide on where he wants to play until he figures out whether he wants to return for an 18th NHL season. He wants to play only one more season, but could change his mind.

At the earliest, Sundin could return next month. But the longer he waits, the more options he would have as his contract would be prorated and therefore less of a burden to teams that have to unload salary to make room for him.

His agent, J.P. Barry, said recently that he believes Sundin will play in 2008-09, but not likely return until December. Barry said yesterday he “cannot comment at this time” about the situation.

Maple Leafs general manager Cliff Fletcher said he hasn’t talked with Sundin since Sept. 5, when the Swede was in Toronto to participate in a charity hockey game. Fletcher said yesterday’s physical was not set up through the Leafs.

Even though Fletcher has salary-cap room and has left the door open for a possible return by Sundin, the talented centre has several options.

For Sundin, who has scored 555 goals and 766 assists in 1,305 regular-season games with Toronto and the Quebec Nordiques, it is not about the money.

Instead, he desires a situation he’s comfortable with. Otherwise, he would have signed the lucrative $20-million (U.S.), two-year offer the Vancouver Canucks tossed his way on July 1, when he became an unrestricted free agent.

“I expect other teams to get involved to complicate the situation [for Toronto and Vancouver],” one NHL GM said. “But I don’t see any teams with any money to spend [and stay under the salary cap].”

The Canucks, New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens have admitted their interest in Sundin in recent months.

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