The Glass Man Wants $10 Million!!!!

The Glass Man - Marian GaborikTotal Pro Sports – You ask, who is the “Glass Man”?……….Would you pay a “Glass Man” $10 million a year if you knew he has had a history of past injuries? Is he really worth a $100 Million investment for a company?

If you haven’t guessed yet, The Glass man is Marian Gaborik of the Minnesota Wild.

Why is his nickname “The Glass Man”, you ask? Compare glass to Marian Gaborik, very delicate and easily breakable. Do you see the similarities?

Since the 2003-2004 season Marian Gaborik has played 65 games twice, 77 games once, 48 games once and now this season, with only a month of hockey, Marian Gaborik has only played 2 games. He always seems to be injured, but manages to put up some big statistics while playing in only a few games.

The real question the Wild have to ask themselves,” Is Marian Gaborik really worth $10 million a year for 10 years.” The Minnesota Wild have already offered $80 million over 10 years. At $8 million a season Marian Gaborik will one of the highest paid players in the NHL. This offer is still on the table the Wild are just waiting for Marian to decide.

So far the rumors swirling around have the Montreal Canadiens as the front runners to trade and sign for Marian Gaborik. The Habs are offering winger Higgins, backup goalie Jaroslav Halak and either a first-round draft pick or top prospect Ryan McDonagh.

Other rumors have Marian Gaborik going to the Penguins for Evgeni Malkin.  We say, “No chance!!”! Last but not least the Edmonton Oilers seem to be showing some interest.

We will just have to wait and see if Marian Gaborik is really worth that magnitude of money. Whatever franchise decides to dig deep into their pockets and pay him, we recommend they take out a hefty insurance plan to cover their investment.

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