Ryan Howard Will You Hit 70 Home Runs?

Darren Howard or Ryan HowardTotal Pro Sports – Darren Howard of the Philadelphia Eagles was mistaken this past weekend by police for Ryan Howard of the World Series Champions Philadelphia Phillies.

The Philadelphia police officer who pulled over Darren Howard for speeding took his insurance and I.D. to the cruiser. When the officer came back to the car he handed back the I.D. and asked Darren if he was gonna hit 70 home runs this upcoming season?

As confused as we are right now Darren Howard went along with it and said he was going to try. The officer asked Darren Howard aka Ryan Howard to slowdown and good luck with the upcoming season. “I wonder if the officer even knew the Philadelphia Phillies had just won the World Series? Probably not.”

You see it does count to have a famous last name and live in a City where they have no clue who there superstar first basemen is. So next time you get pulled over by a police office and they say to you something ridiculous as this, just play along with it and maybe even ask if they would like an autograph.

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