Naughty Patriots Cheerleader Kicked Off Team

Caitlin Davis Patriots Cheerleader

Cailtin Davis Party

Total Pro Sports – New England Patriots NFL cheerleader, Caitlin Davis was kicked off the team after a wild weekend party. So young, and so naive, I guess at 18 years of age we all made mistakes.

Caitlin Davis didn’t get kicked off the team for partying, she was kicked off for writing all over a passed out friend with a couple sharpie’s. Her and an accomplice(Unknown) drew penises, swastika’s and wrote the words “I’m A Jew” all over the drunk friends body.

They weren’t done there, they also made sure to photograph the event. Of course Caitlin and her friend could not take the picture with just the drunk friend in it alone. They had to both be in it, posing in such seductive and incriminating ways.

Cheerleader Caitlin DavisLike most teenagers Catlin felt the need to post the pictures on her Facebook profile to show her friends the craziness. The photos soon surfaced all over the net and Caitlin Davis was quickly fired from her cheerleading job with the New England Patriots.

When will people realize that if you post your photos on Facebook or MySpace they might come back to haunt you. Caitlin Davis, now ex-cheerleader of the New England Patriots is the latest victim, you might be next.

The Lesson here????? Don’t post photos on social networks where you leave yourself open to humility and maybe minus job. Also, drawing body parts on drunk friends can be fun, but racial slurs are just plain stupid.

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