Update: Caitlin Davis Speaks To The Media

Caitlin DavisTotal Pro Sports – With all the events taking place in the world this past week “Barack Obama becomes the first African American United States President, Brady Quinn Taking over for the Browns, and De Angelo Hall getting cut by the Raiders and his $70 million contract”.

It seems that Naughty Patriots Caitlin Davis, the ex NFL Cheerleader is still grabbing all the headlines. In Australia Caitlin is the second most popular story behind actual Australian news.

In a statement provided to TMZ, 18 year old Caitlin Davis refuses to take any responsibility of this event. Caitlin says that the boy in the picture was passed out already with theses drawings on him.

“The kid in the picture was a ‘drunk guy who passed out and was written on,’ as his costume for the night.”

Caitlin Davis also claims that,

Caitlin Davis“Me and my girls left the dorm and went to another house and came back to the kid passed out on the futon we were suppose to sleep on. The guys ended up drawing more on him due to the fact that he was the first one to pass out on Halloween night … At the time I had jumped in the picture with the kid, I didn’t realize what had been drawn on him, which I take responsibility for not being alert. Me and my girlfriends [sic] took pictures with him because we found it humorous how badly he was drawn on.”

Caitlin DavisWe think this story is getting blown out of the water now. With all the media attention that Caitlin Davis is getting, Hollywood will probably give her own T.V. or Reality show. If I were Caitlin, I would hire an agent and publicist and run with all this media attention.

Teenagers will be teenagers, we all did crazy things when we were younger. Why fault and blame Caitlin Davis for something so small like this? The Patriots and owner Robert Kraft reacted to fast and have blown this way out of proportion.

We here at Total Pro Sports forgive you, and if your interested in taking a job with us we will be more then happy to hire you.

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