Worst Team Names in Pro Sports

Oklahoma City Thunder FlagTotal Pro Sports – In honor of the Oklahoma City Thunder, formerly the Seattle Supersonics, we would like to look at the worst team names in all of professional sports.

You would think that in 2008 that there wouldn’t be anymore crappy team names. However, It seems that right now we are in the middle of a lame name renaissance, with many new teams picking bad names to represent their cities.

Let’s take a quick look at some other Worst Team Names in Pro Sports.

1. Washington Nationals Washington Nationals, MLB.

What an original name…not. The team was formerly known as the Montreal Expos, which is still a bad name, but it is much better than the Nats. Why not something cool, like the bullets? right they tried that already in another sport. Anyways, the Nats are number 1 on this list for good reason.

2. Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild, NHL.

Here is another new team with a horrible name, not to mention horrible jerseys. Why not the Minnesota Hunters or Fishermen. Call me a traditionalist but I still think that the North Stars was one of the best names in all of sports.

3. Oakland Athletics Oakland Althletics, MLB.

This weak name has annoyed me for a while. The Athletics, that must have taken all of 30 minutes to come up with. At least they have a cool symbol, the letter “A”, it doesn’t get much better than that.

4. Oklahoma Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA.

What a lame name, Thunder, why not keep the Supersonics? They should have been called the Thunder Cats. Think about it, there is a new movie in the works based on the old cartoon and imagine the advertising possibilities (remember the Mighty Ducks).

5. Houston Texans Houston Texans, NFL.

The Texans are the newest team to the NFL and they have the least original name. They should have called themselves the Houston Heroes or Hammers. Maybe they thought it would start a new trend of teams being named after states (the L.A. Californians will have their inaugural season next year.)�

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