Joe Calzaghe A Fraudulent Legacy?

Joe CalzagheTotal Pro Sports – Joe Calzaghe defeated Roy Jones, taking his record to 46-0 and cementing his legacy as the best super-middleweight in the world. However the 0 on his record does not tell the whole story about his fraudulent legacy as he hasn’t fought the top fighters in their prime.

Agreed the fact that his record does boast the names of Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins and he has remained undefeated for 18 years means he should achieve recollection but he shouldn’t attain the status of the best boxer Britain has produced or top 3 in the pound for pound rankings. Joe has achieved these current adulation’s because of his victories over a 43 year old Bernard Hopkins, a 39 year old Roy Jones Jr who both floored him despite their age, and the vastly overrated contenders in Mikkel Kessler and Jeff Lacy.

Lets put these victories into perspective. Firstly Roy Jones, a great victory no doubt, but Jones has been a shot fighter for almost 5 years, he was great, no doubt, ranked PFP top 3 in his pomp, but now aged 39 he isn’t even ranked in the top 6 of a rubbish division. As he lost to Glen Johnson and Antonio Tarver, fighters who have done nothing since beating Jones. Johnson for instance lost twice to Clinton Woods, a fighter who Roy schooled but yet Johnson beats Jones, what does this tell you ? Calzaghe in his own book called Jones “washed up” but yet wanted to fight him after this and not in his peak, why ? To add to his myth. If Calzaghe did fight Jones in his prime the beating he would have received would be similar to the one Floyd Mayweather dished out on Ricky Hatton.

Bernard Hopkins would have been a credible opponent years ago, when he was the linear middleweight champion, but no Calzaghe waited till old father time had ticked on Bernie and he had suffered back to back loses to Jermain Taylor. Of course Calzaghe fan boys will tell you he offered Hopkins 2 million to fight him in Wales, an offer Bernard rightfully turned down because he was earning three times this amount defending his middleweight titles in the USA. Instead Joe fought Hopkins in 2008 when he was 43 and past it, however to Hopkins’ credit he took Joe to a highly contested split decision, knocking him down in the first round despite his age, adding further speculation that the Calzaghe legacy is overrated.

Then theres Calzaghe’s victories over young challengers Mikkel Kessler and Jeff Lacey. Kessler was the unified WBC and WBA champion but had never faced anyone ranked highly in his division or in the pound for pound rankings and mainly built his undefeated record in Denmark and Germany against bums. Another example is the vastly overrated Jeff Lacy who was considered the second coming of Mike Tyson before the Calzaghe defeat but had only had 21 fights before the 2006 showdown. Yes Calzaghe won the fight by a landslide, all credit to him but why hasn’t he fought more young contenders such as Kelly Pavlik Chad Dawson’s of this world since then, instead taking fights against Peter Manfredo famous only for his valiant effort on the contender series, he didn’t even win the show, because he was more worried about his 0.

The foremost evidence that Calzaghe’s legacy is a fraud is that he’s never stepped up to the plate to fight the top American contenders in America in their prime, as he was happy to fight in Britain for his entire career. Also the fact that Joe took 10 years to unify all the titles in a very poor division.

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