Are You Interested In A Barry Bonds Tattoo?

Barry Bonds TattooTotal Pro Sports – If your ever interested in a Tattoo then why not get Barry Bonds on your back?

Forget about Angels, Jesus, or your Zodiac sign. Number 25 and Bonds on your back just like his jersey is something so unique and we think absolutely idiotic.  This gentlemen also has a second Barry Bonds tattoo under the jersey.  It’s a tattoo of Barry Bonds after he hit a home run and then pointing up to the sky.

We just want to know what this guy was thinking getting Barry Bonds tattooed on his back? It might be cool now, but lets be realistic what will he do wen he gets married and has a family.

If you watch he video he talks a lot about the World Series Of Poker and how he goes there every year to play. We just think maybe he lost a prop bet with a fellow poker player and had to tattoo Barry Bonds on his back.

At least for one thing you can be sure that nobody else in the world has the same tattoo as him.

Barry Bonds Tattoo On Back

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