Tynes Hopes To Get Bro Released From Jail

Lawrence TynesTotal Pro Sports – The New York Giants Kicker Lawrence Tynes hopes that he can get President Bush to shorten his brother Mark Tynes’ jail sentence before his term of office ends in January. 

There is a small hint of light on his side:  President Bush did acknowledge Lawrence Tynes for kicking the field goal to win the game against the Packers when the New York Giants recently visited the White House for the annual jersey presentation to the President for winning the Super Bowl. 

“Lawrence Tynes, who’s with us here, came through with a 47-yard field goal in overtime,” Bush said. “You know, I knew you were going to make it.”

Lawrence Tynes accepts the fact that his brother is guilty of his charges, but believes the sentence was far harsher than was expected.

“Is my brother guilty?” Yes? But 27 years? … My brother being in prison isn’t the injustice. The sentence was the injustice.” said Lawrence Tynes.

Mark Tynes is serving a 27-year federal prison sentence at Forrest City Correctional Complex in Arkansas for being convicted in 2004 as the alleged “King Pin” that moved 3,600 pounds of marijuana between Texas and Florida.  Tynes did refuse to cooperate with prosecutors, and his sentence was extended from 151 months to 324 months over allegations of witness intimidation.

How can 27 years for moving “Weed” be fair?  It’s just not fair!  Comparatively, it’s sad that some rapists, murderers, and child molesters serve shorter sentences than Mark Tynes.  This is an absolute joke if you ask me, as I think that the FBI should be spending more time worrying about the “real” hardcore criminals out there.

This reminds of my days in High School, when students would get punished for wearing improper uniforms and hats in school.  They would be suspended and sent home, even though they were still attending their full schedule of classes.  Meanwhile, sitting at the side of the school, other students would be skipping and smoking dope all day long.  The Principals would sometimes turn their head or suspend them for the same amount of time as someone who was out of school uniform.  Most of the time it seemed as if the Principals were much more worried about keeping the image of the school,  than being concerned with a student’s full attendance….

Is Mark Tynes guilty? Yes, he most certainly is.  Were the students guilty for not being properly dressed for school? Yes, we most certainly were. But shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime or the gravity of the crime?  The criminal justice system should re-evaluate their sentences and perhaps consider an alternative method of punishment.  In jail, it’s been known to lawyers and judges, that it’s a preparatory institution to create criminals.  Would Tynes benefit from a jail sentence?  The answer will be known in 27 years….

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