‘Whizzinator’ Creators Face Federal Chargers

WhizzinatorTotal Pro Sports – The Whizzinator was an ingenious device that was available in 5 different flesh colors and sold for about $150 USD.  The Whizzinator included prosthetic penis attached to an undergarment resembling a jock strap. It connected to a pouch containing dehydrated urine. Water was added to the pouch and a heat pack could be attached to keep the urine close to body temperature.

What a great idea only if the so called Whizzinator was legal to buy and sell the device.  For only $150 how could you go wrong not to invest in this product if you know your going to get in trouble by your employer.  Wouldn’t you invest the money to save yourself and your job???????

The Creators of the ‘Whizzinator‘ now face up to 8 years in prison.  If any of you don’t remember the Whizzinator, it was a urine cleansing gizmo that helped past NFL players and one time Minnesota Vikings running back “Onterrio Smith” cheat and pass on drug tests. Onterrio Smith in 2005 was caught with the Whizzinator and many dried urine pouches at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.  He was then suspended by the NFL for the year and then released by the Vikings soon after.

The creators of the ‘Whizzinator’, Robert Catalano and George Wills who owned online-based Puck Technology face charges for conspiring to defraud the federal agency that administers workplace drug testing programs.  The 2 men are scheduled to be sentenced in Febuary of 2009 and face up to 8 years in prision and a $500,000 fine.

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