Horrendous NFL Thanksgiving Day Games

NFL Fans On ThanksgivingTotal Pro Sports – After tuning into the NFL Thanksgiving games from the Total Pro Sports office this afternoon, we all could not be anymore disappointed that the Detroit Lions again were the first game playing this Thanksgiving.

The Lions against the Titans was an absolute joke, a 47-10 beating for the Titans.  The Lions barley looked good enough to beat a High School Team from Toronto.

At least one positive came from this game. If you selected the Titans in their Survivor pool your moving onto the next week, congratulations.

The blame can’t all go the NFL, because they really don’t know how good teams will be in the upcoming season.  But before making the schedule and slotting teams on Thanksgiving, they should determine the games based on the previous years records. Match ups like the Giants and Cowboys or the Patriots and Colts are games the public would love to watch.

Other then Sunday and Monday Night football, Thanksgiving is the next most watched games on national television.  Do you ever remember a Sunday or Monday night game being as bad as these games on Thanksgiving today?

So the blame can’t all go to the Lions game but was anyone interested in watching the 4:00 match up between the Cowboys and Seahawks?…….Everyone at our office wasn’t, they were more interested in The Hulk on Pay Per View.

So who ever makes the schedule for the NFL and specifically Thanksgiving Day, all were asking is to put a little more thought in planning the games for Turkey Day.

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