The Good, Bad And Ugly Of The Bryan Colangelo Era

Bryan ColangeloTotal Pro Sports – Watching the Toronto Raptors struggle in the first half against the Charlotte Bobcats I finally realized, regardless that Jermaine O’Neal is out with an injury, they quite frankly aren’t that good. Their defence is atrocious, especially in the low post, they don’t have that wing scorer good teams need and there back up point guard situation leaves much to be desired.

Now there have been a few whispers around the NBA that Sam Mitchell is on the hot seat considering next year is his last guaranteed year. The whispers became louder when Eddie Jordan was fired this week by the Washington Wizards after he had brought the lowly franchise to the playoffs 4 times. Now they may have only made it out of the first round once out of those 4 tries, but Eddie Jordan proved that he is a very capable head coach.

Is he a Bryan Colangelo type guy? I have no idea as I don’t know much about him. What I do know is this, in a city like Toronto, where the basketball knowledge isn’t the highest; the way Bryan Colangelo came in was reminiscent of a knight coming in on the white horse. I to drank the kool aid that he would solve all the team’s problems.  Just like everybody in Ontario is drinking the kool aid that Brian Burke will be solving all the leafs problems when he signs on to become the President and General Manager of the blue and white.

Now I like Bryan Colangelo because even if his moves haven’t all worked out, he’s not afraid to shake things around, and you can bet if the Raptors keep playing like they are, he WILL do something very soon.

Let’s take a look back at all of Bryan Colangelos moves as the Toronto Raptors GM. Remember, Rob Babcock brought in Jose Calderon.

Bryan Colangelos Moves as a General Manager

  • Raptors trade Rafael Araujo for Robert Whaley and Kris Humphries (Whaley later waived)
  • Raptors Trade Eric Williams, Matt Bonner and 2nd round pick for Rasho Nesterovic.
  • Raptors trade Charlie Villaneuva for TJ Ford
  • Selects Andrea Bargnani as the first pick in the 2006 NBA draft.
  • Signs European players Jorge Garbojosa and Anthony Parker
  • Signs Chris Bosh, Kris Humphries and Jose Calderon to long term deals.
  • Signs Jason Kapono to a 4 year/$24 million dollar deal
  • Trades 2 second round picks for Carlos Delfino
  • Signs Jamario Moon to a 2-year deal
  • Drafts Giorgos Printezis and Nathan Jawai as second round picks
  • Trades First round pick Roy Hibbert, TJ Ford and Rasho Nesterovic for Jermaine O’Neal and Nathan Jawai
  • Signs Hassan Adams and Will Solomon
  • Brings over Babcock Draft pick Roko Ukic over from Europe

Now some of these moves had little value, at least when grading a general manager on franchise type moves. Those include the Solomons, Adams, Printezis, Jawai moves.

The trade of Araujo for Humphries was a big plus for Colangelo. He turned a useless player who is already out of the NBA for a serviceable 3rd or 4th big man off the bench who brings a lot of energy. He also re-signed him for 3 years/$9 odd million, very fair deal.

Picking up Rasho Nesterovic was a solid move. It solidified the center position as well as help out Chris Bosh down low. It was a stop gap solution and it did just that.

Trading Villaneuva for Ford was another nice move. At the time we didn’t know Calderon was going to be as good as he is now, so bringing in a starting point guard was a nice move. The jury is out on Bargnani, but I think it’s safe to say that those comparisons to Dirk Nowitzki will never come close to coming true He’s been good this year, but don’t see him ever reaching Nowitzki numbers. Signing Bosh and Calderon to long term deals was great, but not something any GM could have done. Remember, we could offer both those guys more money than any other team, and in the NBA, especially after a rookie deal or numbers comparable to them… talks.

The Jason Kapono deal has to be seen as a disappointment.  As much as I like him, I think all Raptor fans would admit, they expected a bit more. Signing Parker and Garbojosa has had mixed reviews. The moves starting off great, but Garbo left because he would rather play for his country, very admirable, than stay on the injured list. Parker has had his ups and downs with the team, and at this point he’s in a downward spell.  Parker looks like he’s aged and is not as quick or offensive as he once was.

Bringing in Delfino was a great move, but just as bad a move was not finding a way to re-sign him. Our bench is weak and Colangelo should have found a way to keep him. His scoring definatley could be used right now.

By far his strongest move was finding Jamario Moon. Now I am giving him the credit but from what I’ve heard and read, it was more scouts that found Moon then Colangelo. Trading Ford and Nasterovic for O’Neal is a good move regardless if he plays or not. The salary cap room alone after next year gives Colangelo a second chance at turning the Raptors into a contender.

So there it is. I’d give Colangelo an above average score on what he’s done, but definitely not the White Knight we all expected. Hope Leaf fans keep their expectations in check when Burkey starts this weekend.


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