Eric Moulds Will Knock You Out!

Eric MouldsTotal Pro Sports – If you ever see ex Buffalo Bills All Star Wide Receiver Eric Moulds, you better think twice about asking him for an autograph.

According to News 4 Buffalo Eric Moulds was involved in a bar fight in Downtown Buffalo.  Current Bills player Josh Reed was also present at the bar called “Liars”but not a part of the fight.

Witnesses report that an American soldier went up to Eric Moulds for an autograph and all hell broke loose.  Moulds did not want to be bothered as he was reminiscing the good old days with current Bills player Josh Reed.  After the gentleman went up to Moulds the scuffle began and he was knocked out. There have also been reports that the incident has been caught all on surveillance video.

The Buffalo police are now investigating the incident and Eric Moulds. So next time you see Eric Moulds you better be ready to fight if you ask for autograph.

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