Blake Griffin ’09 NBA Draft Prospect Dresses In Drag

Blake Griffin Drag

Total Pro Sports – If you have not heard of the name Blake Griffin, then we will introduce you to him.  Blake Griffin is a standout 6-10, 251 lb. sophomore playing for the Oklahoma Sooners basketball team.  Griffin is off to a start most college players can only dream of averaging (25.7 points and 19.2 rebounds per game).

Blake Griffin is a potential top draft pick in the upcoming 2009 NBA Draft.  Something for the Oklahoma Thunder have to look for after this horrible season is complete.  A combination of Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, are a potential dual that most General Mangers would drool over.  But the way the Thunders season is going they probably will lose the lottery and pick 3rd in the draft.  We will just have to wait and see.

The only problem here is that Blake Griffin is not making headlines for his stats or what he is doing with the Sooners basketball team, it’s for his dress up as a women running around a field with some random guy.

Blake Griffin Drag

It seems as over the past month or so some weird news has hit the sports headlines for the wrong reasons, starting with Caitlin Davis and her wild weekend party and Buck Burnettes racist attack on Barack Obama. Definitely bad press for the these public figure but great headlines for sites like us.

The Lost Ogle first published this story as someone dropped these photos to their email.  Thanks to The Lost Ogle for the pictures.

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