Chris “CB4” Bosh….MVP Or Bust?

Chris BoshTotal Pro Sports – Chris “CB4” Bosh has recently revealed a secret to all Toronto sports fans after his last practice.  Manny cameras, notepads and video recorders were all waiting anxiously for this big announcement.  What was CB4 gonna tell the world? Was he going to ask for a trade? Was he going to hang up his shoes? Nobody really knew what this was all about.

Chris Bosh has been keeping this secret for the longest time now.  He came out and told the media that he wants to be the MVP of the league this year.

Bosh made himself perfectly clear when he answered the follow up “Realistic?” query with his best, “Do I look like I’m kidding?” stare.

“Very realistic. I wouldn’t talk about it if it wasn’t real,” he said.

According to Chris Bosh he really first started thinking about this goal after coming off a Gold Medal Victory with the American Basketball team in the Olympics.  Bosh played a prominent role this past summer playing alongside other superstars in LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard.

“I want to get it. Plain and simple,” Bosh said. “That’s really where I’m at right now. Every game I’m trying to be an MVP-calibre player. I’ve been sharing that with my family, I haven’t shared it with you guys yet but now you know — but I came into this season saying I’m going to give it a shot. I think I can get it. We need more wins of course but when I think of MVPs in the past I think of consistency. Every night they put it out there on the floor and when they need it, they put their teams on their backs. They’re valuable so that’s what I’m trying to be. A valuable asset to this team.”

So far Chris Bosh is third in the NBA in scoring (a 27.7-point average) behind Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.  9th in the league in rebounds at 10.2 a game, and 1st in the league in minutes played at 42 a game.

His head coach Sam Mitchell belives that Bosh has raised the bar from All Star to NBA Superstar.

“I just think we have to start talking about him in that sense,” Mitchell said.

So next time your at the Toronto Raptors game and you recieve an All Star Ballot be sure to punch out Chris Boshs name on the ballot and when all the fans start chanting MVP, MVP, MVP for Chris Bosh join in and support your Raptor Superstar.

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