2009 MLB Free Agent Projections

Total Pro Sports – Next week, in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada the Major League Baseball General Manager meetings will take place.  This is where the top 2009 MLB Free Agents will be discussed and most likely have new teams after the meetings are done.

If you ask me Las Vegas is the #1 city in the world (Gambling, Alcohol and beautiful Women) how can you beat the those big three?  Especially if you have money you can bet this time spent in Vegas will be 100 times better.

So do you think Las Vegas is good spot for the General Manager’s to meet? People with money and Vegas are no to good mixtures.  These meetings should be held in a location where nobody could get themselves into trouble, (Naples, Florida, Scottsdale Arizona, San Diego, California).

Hopefully by the end of these meetings we will see which teams will dig deep into their pockets to sign these 2009 MLB Free Agents.

2009 MLB Free Agent Projections

1. Manny Ramirez, Out Field  – After moving from the Red Sox to the Dodgers at the trade deadline, Manny just exploded and lead the Dodgers into the post season. Manny Ramirez, in 53 games with the Dodgers went for 17 homer runs, 53 RBI, and a .396 batting average.  With 2 World Series Rings and all his batting statistics, you can be sure he will be invited to join the best of the best in Cooperstown.

Rumors are swirling where Manny Ramirez will be headed.  He and his agent Scott Boras are asking for about $25 million in the neighborhoods of 3 years $70-$80 million

Manny first reported that he would be interested in playing for the Toronto Blue Jays something that he dreamed of as a kid.  This is hard to believe that he will ever play in Toronto as they cant afford a contact like this.  The real contenders for Manny’s services are the Mets, Yankees, Angels and the Giants.  There are some other teams who have showed some interest but are not real contenders as of yet, we’ll just have to see in the GM meeting if they resurface.

Were making a bold prediction here and if it’s correct everyone could come back and give us props for it.  We see Manny Ramirez taking a pay cut and ending his career with the team he always dreamed of playing with, the Toronto Blue Jays.

2.  CC Sabathia, Pitcher – The 2007 CY Young Award winner, CC Sabathia was traded mid way through the season from the Cleveland Indians to the Milwaukee Brewers.  Sabathia went to school on the National League opponents winning 11 games, losing 2 and had a 1.65 era.

CC Sabathia has already turned down or ignored 2 huge contract offers.  One of these offers were from the New York Yankees for 6 years $140 million and the second offer came from his team the Brewers at 5 years $100 million.

It’s tough to determine where CC might land, the Mets, Yanks, Angels, Red Sox, and Giants all seem to be in the running for CC Sabathia’s services.  The Giants are looking for a big bat and don’t want to tie up money for another pitcher.  But imagine the rotation for the Giants if Zito could again find his form, Lincecum, Sabathia and Zito there top 3 pitchers need I say more.  The Angels could defiantly use another pitcher, and the Yanks and Red Sox just love to spend money.

We see CC Sabathia going to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and bringing that team back to the World Series next year.

3.  Mark Teixeira, First Base This guys is a machine, last year he had an absolute monster of a season.  Teixeira stats looked like this 33 home runs, 121 RBI’s, and a 0.320 batting average all split between the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

There are talks that he is looking for a 10 year $200 million contact, sound ridiculous?  We see why not.  MLB contracts have been sky rocketing over the years and the with second great depression about to hit, it seems only right to pay professional athletes even more money.

The Angels, Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, Giants are again all interested in Teixeira.  Our guess here is that he lands with the Angels or Yankees.

4. A.J. Burnett, Pitcher – It seems that every year when Burnett option is up for free agency he has a monster of a year.   Last year with the Toronto Blue Jays Burnett was 18-10 with 231 strike outs and a 4.07 era.  It would be nice if the Jays could keep Burnett and Roy Halladay together.  Burnett has expressed his interest in staying but we don’t see this happening.

Teams to note who are interested are the Jays, Angels and the Orioles.  Rumors have speculated over the last week that the Angels offered a 5 year $70 million contract and Burnett has also expressed his interest in playing for the Baltimore Orioles.  The Orioles are defiantly ready to make a big push but why would heeven think of signing there?  We see A.J. Burnett likely signing with the Angels if they do not sign CC Sabathia.

Honorable Mentions Other Top 2009 MLB Free Agents

5. Francisco Rodriguez, Pitcher – Mets

6. Derek Lowe, Pitcher – Yanks

7. Orlando Hudson, Second Base – Cardinals

8. Adam Dunn, OutField – Nationals

9. Ryan Dempster, Pitcher – Cubs

10. Ben Sheets, Pitcher – Braves

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