NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

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Total Pro Sports – The Giants are finally acknowledged as the best team in the league with no arguments coming from any of the top football writers.  They are 11-1 and stay atop of our NFL Power Rankings for week 13.

Everyone thought The New York Jets were for real, and then they go lose at home to the Bronco’s, go figure.  They beat the Titans handily last week which made them jump up in our Power Rankings but know with this defeat to Denver they will fall in our rankings.

Tough schedule ahead for the Lions, it now looks that they will be the second team in N.F.L. history to go 0-16 on the season.  A shake up is definitely needed in Detroit. 

NFL Power Rankings MoversAnd Shakers

Red ArrowThe biggest shaker this week were the New York Jets losing 5 spots from #4 to #9 in the power rankings for week 12.

The second biggest shakers this week were 2 teams the New Orleans Saints, the Chicago Bears, losing 4 spots in the rankings.

Green ArrowThe biggest mover this week were 3 teams the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos and Philadelphia Eagles all moving up 4 spots in the power rankings. 

The Miami Dolphins moved from #16 to #12, the Denver Broncos moved from #19 to #14 and the Philadelphia Eagles moved from #20 to #16 in the NFL Power Rankings.

Lets take a look at the rest of the league: NFL Power Rankings for week 13.

Rank Team Record Change Comment
1 New York Giants 11-1 The only thing the Giants have to worry about is the loss off Plaxico Burress. Up Next: Philadelphia Eagles Buy Tickets
2 Tennessee Titans 11-1 Should be an easy win this upcoming week against a team starting their 3rd string QB. Up Next: Cleveland Browns Buy Tickets
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 9-3 The Steelers look good. lets just hope they stay healthy for the rest of the season. Up Next: Dallas Cowboys Buy Tickets
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-3 Green Arrow1 The Bucs squeaked a close one against the Saints winning 23-20. Up Next: Atlanta Falcons Buy Tickets
5 Indianapolis Colts 8-4 Green Arrow1 Lucky the defense showed up in this game for the Colts, they beat an injured Browns team 10-6. Up Next: Cincinati Bengals Buy Tickets
6 Carolina Panthers 9-3 Green Arrow2 They win in a shootout in Green Bay 35-31.  Their defense definitely needs to step up there play. Up Next: Tampa Bay Bucs Buy Tickets
7 Atlanta Falcons 8-4 Green Arrow2 The Falcons keep rolling with a huge road win in San Diego. Up Next: New Orleans Saints Buy Tickets
8 Dallas Cowboys 8-4 Green Arrow2 If Dallas did not beat the Seahawks this past week, their best best was to fold the season right there and then. Up Next: Pittsburgh Steelers Buy Tickets
9 New York Jets 8-4 Red Arrow5 The Jets were manhandled by the Broncos, that’s right the Broncos go figure.  If they want to be a top team in the NFL they better beat the bottom teams. Up Next: San Francisco 49ers Buy Tickets
10 New England Patriots 7-5 Red Arrow3 Even thought they lost to the Steelers they are still a Playoff team. Up Next: Seatle Seahawks Buy Tickets
11 Baltimore Ravens 8-4 Green Arrow2 In 2 years time the Ravens will defiantly be at the top of the NFL with Joe Flacco leading the way. Up Next: Washington Redskins Buy Tickets
12 Miami Dolphins 7-5 Green Arrow4 Not a very good road team, squeaked one out against St. Louis over the weekend, look for them to do the same in Buffalo. Up Next: Buffalo Bills Buy Tickets
13 Arizona Cardinals 7-5 Red Arrow2 Back to Back losses.  There is light at the end of the tunnel as their schedule eases up from here.  Up Next: St. Louis Rams Buy Tickets
14 Washington Redskins 7-5 Red Arrow2 The Redskins lost against the almighty Giants no surprise there. Up Next: Baltimore Ravens Buy Tickets
15 Denver Broncos 7-5 Green Arrow4 Surprise blow out victory against the Jets on the road, look for them to continue their winning ways against the Chiefs at home. Up Next: Kansas City Chiefs Buy Tickets
16 Philadelphia Eagles 6-5-1 Green Arrow4 Blew out Arizona at home, but their already out of the playoffs, so look for them to take a licking against the Giants.  Up Next: New York Giants – Buy Tickets
17 Minnesota Vikings 7-5 Green Arrow1 Blew out Chicago by 20 at home, look for them to do the same against Detroit even though there on the road. Up Next: Detroit Lions Buy Tickets
18 New Orleans Saints 6-6 Red Arrow4 Lost a tough one to Tampa by 3 points, look for another close game against Hotlanta. Up Next: Atlanta Falcons Buy Tickets
19 Chicago Bears 6-6 Red Arrow4 Got blown out by the Vikings, but look for Da Bears to rebound against the Jags at home. Up Next: Jacksonville Jaguars Buy Tickets
20 Houston Texans 5-7 Green Arrow2 After their huge win at home on their first Monday night home game in franchise history against the Jags, look for Houston to come back to earth and lose to Green Bay on the road . Up Next: Green Bay Packers Buy Tickets
21 Buffalo Bills 6-6 Red Arrow4 Terrible performance at home against San Fran, losing by a touchdown and scoring only 3 points.  With Trent Edwards not practicing during the week, somethings up, look for Buffalo to lose again. Up Next: Miami DolphinsBuy Tickets
22 Green Bay Packers 5-7 Red Arrow1 Lost a nail bitter to Carolina at home, look for them to rebound with a big win at home to Houston. Up Next: Houston Texans Buy Tickets
23 San Francisco 49ers 4-8 Green Arrow3 After a surprising victory on the road against Buffalo, look for them to loose by at least 2 touchdowns against the J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets. Up Next: New York Jets Buy Tickets
24 San Diego Chargers 4-8 Red Arrow1 San Diego is not a very good team, losing to Atlanta at home showed that, but look for them to beat The Raiders on Thursday night acknowledging the fact that the Raiders are even worse then them. Up Next: Oakland Raiders Buy Tickets
25 Cleveland Browns 4-8 Red Arrow1 Losing by 4 to Indi at home was no surprise and now with their #1 and 2 QB’s out, look for them to take a thrashing by the Titans. Up Next: Tennessee Titans Buy Tickets
26 Jacksonville Jaguars 4-8 Red Arrow1 After taking a beating by Houston on the road, look for them to continue their losing ways against Da Bears. Up Next: Chicago Bears Buy Tickets
27 Kansas City Chiefs 2-10 Green Arrow3 At least they’re not the worst team in football, expect a blow out loss to Denver on the road. Up Next: Denver Broncos Buy Tickets
28 Oakland Raiders 3-9 The Raiders stink, they lost to K.C. at home and they will lose to San Diego on Prime time Thursday night football. Up Next: San Diego Chargers Buy Tickets
29 Seattle Seahawks 2-10 Even though Matt Hasselback has returned to the lineup, thay are still not a very good team. They will lose to the Pats at home.  Up Next: New England Patriots Buy Tickets
30 St Louis Rams 2-10 Red Arrow2 Lost again over the weekend to Miami and they will lose again on the road against Arizona. Up Next: Arizona Cardinals Buy Tickets
31 Cincinnati Bengals 1-10-1 Red Arrow2 Chad (Ocho Chinco) Johnson is ripping apart this team, They will lose all their remaining games including a blowout lose to Indi on the road this weekend. Up Next: Indianapolis Colts Buy Tickets
32 Detroit Lions 0-12 Definitely the worst team in football, The Lions will go 0-16 and that is amazing, go Lions go. Up Next: Minnesota Vikings Buy Tickets

Be sure to check back next week with our NFL Power Rankings for week 14.