NBA Teams Soon To File For Bankruptcy?

NBA Attendance DropsTotal Pro Sports – I was going over some stats from last nights NBA games and wanted to see the numbers Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks put up for my NBA Fantasy Basketball Team.  Joe Johnson had a nice night from the field scoring 26 points, 4 assists and 5 rebounds, could have been better but I’ll take it.

What shocked me most was not Joe Johnson’s line on the night but at the beneath the Hawks totals, the game info read as follows.

Game Info: Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks

Arena: Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA
Attendance: 12,088
Officials: Derrick Collins, Jim Clark, Ron Garretson
Duration: 2:18

I did a double take on the Attendance and had to adjust my eyes to make sure I was reading this properly.  We all know Atlanta does not draw well in hockey with the Thrashers, but this bad of a showing with the Atlanta Hawks was really surprising.  An American loved sport, drew an attendance similar to their last place hockey team?   Hawks fans can’t complain just yet they have a decent team with an 11-6 record.  Whats their excuse this time, the hot dogs are raw?

After doing some research and looking around on the net on this years NBA attendance I came across “Ball Don’t Lie” one of Yahoo Sports Blogs.  Nick Friedell a writer for them attended the game and goes on to say that

“There couldn’t have been more than 6,000 people at the game last night, and that is being generous. At tip-off you could have counted the number of people in the lower bowl, and it wouldn’t have taken very long. Granted, an Atlanta/Memphis showdown doesn’t exactly get the juices flowing; The Grizzlies came into the game with a six game losing skid, but the Hawks came in to the contest having won four of six.”

It’s not like teams are not running ticket specials, teams such as the Atlanta Hawks, Grizzlies, Kings, Charlotte and the Pacers are all trying anything to get fans through the doors at such a minimal cost.

While in Miami, I attended a Heats game.  It was on a Wednesday night against the Toronto Raptors.  We did not have tickets so we decided to buy them off scalpers.  As we parked our car, it was like someone opened the gates of a Water Dam.  Scalpers from everywhere approached us trying to sell their tickets.  Tickets 4 rows from the floor were selling for $40.00.  Upper bowls for $10.00 a seat, it was absolutely crazy.  I was thinking to offer the guy a piece of gum, they were so desperate to get these things off their hands.

I didn’t know what to expect from the Heat game because I have never been.  We got to our seats at tip off and I was truly surprised when I walked through the tunnel.  I could not believe the amount of open seats in the arena.  I was so disgusted that a team like the Heat could not draw a crowd.  Nick Friedell was right,

“we could have counted the people in the lower bowl and it would not have taken long.”

The Heats Attendance from the game was 15,014, but I can guarantee it was far from that.  Lucky if they had 8500 people in the building.  The Heat didn’t even announce the attendance which they normally do because they were probably embarrassed.

Bottom line is that the NBA is in trouble.  The league has to find a way to solve this problem before teams start to claim bankruptcy and close their doors. Especially with the crisis in the United States right now a solution is needed immediately.

So if anyone has an idea be sure to forward it to David Stern.  I’m sure hes open to all suggestions.

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