Corie Blount Busted With A Lot Of Weed

Corie Blount BustedTotal Pro Sports – Reports out of Cincinnati that former Cincinnati Bearcats star and NBA journeyman has been arrested and charged with felony marijuana possession.  Corie was not charged with having just a “Blunt” or otherwise known as a joint in his possession. Police seized 29 pounds of marijuana, 3 guns, $29,500 in cash and 3 vehicles.  The 29 pounds of marijuana has an estimated street value of $52,200.

“Blount was followed to his residence where deputies stopped him and arrested him,” the news release says.

The 11 pounds of weed picked up by Corie Blount was a controlled delivery all orchastrated by federal agents.

Corie Blount graduated in June from the University of Cincinnati in criminal justice. Blount was also recently inducted into the Greater Cincinnati Basketball Hall of Fame.  He was also drafted by the Chicago Bulls’ in the first-round of the 1993 NBA draft.

Sometimes we just sit back and wonder why just why can people be so stupid to do something like this. I mean Corie Blount had an 11 year NBA career earning $14 plus million over his career.

Now the real question here is was the weed intended to sold or smoked.  Obviously that amount it would be assumed that it was intended to be sold.  If not Corie had a serious pot smoking habbit.  We’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of this case.

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