O.J. Simpson Jailed For 15 years

Oj Simpson JailedTotal Pro Sports – A Las Vegas Judge has sentenced OJ Simpson to15 years in prison for the gunpoint robbery and kidnapping of 2 sports memorabilia dealers.  Simpson who is 61 years old will not be eligible for parole till he is 66 years old.

The Clark County District Judge Jackie Glass said this while handing down Simpson’s sentence,

“all of which was presented on tape to a jury — was overwhelming.”

OJ Simpson and his friend Clarence “C.J” Stewart were convicted on October 3rd, 2008 of 12 criminal charges including kidnapping and armed robbery all which took place in a Las Vegas Casino Hotel Room.

OJ Simpson addressed the court for his final thoughts, he said,

“I Apologize, the only things I intended to retirve were personal items, family photos and sports mementos that were had been stolen me earlier this years. I didn’t mean to steal from everybody”

Maybe this was OJ Simpson fate? He was released on the murders chargers earlier on in life, to now at 61 years old get sentenced to something much smaller in stature.  Fate or not well leave it up to you to decide?

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