Melrose: “I hope They Don’t Win Another Game”

Barry MelroseTotal Pro Sports –  After a 13 year hiatus from coaching an NHL team, Barry Melrose was given another chance this September by the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Three and a half months into his coaching duties with the Lightning and sporting a 5-7-4 record, Melrose has been let go by the team.

Assistant Head Coach Rick Tocchet will assume Head Coaching duties for the Tampa Bay Lightning for the time being.

The unemployed Barry Melrose will most likely return to his former job with ESPN, a better fit for him rather than coaching we think.   He did a pretty good job while working for ESPN, we really enjoyed his commentary during pre and post games.

We think you should bring back that full fledged Mullet you had with the KINGS and see how everyone forgets about your disastrous time with the Lightning.

After being fired, the FAN 590 in Toronto got him in for an interview.  The whole interview with Barry Melrose, Don Landry and Gord Stellick can be heard right here.

In Barry Melrose’s interview with the Fan, he says a couple things about his ex-team and the whole debacle.

Melrose spoke about Steven Stamkos and how he is not ready for the NHL.  He even suggested that he may not even play the same position when he fully develops.

“Steven’s not ready for the NHL.”, “I’m not sure he’s not going to be a winger when he’s a good NHL player.”

Melrose also suggests that he was put under constant pressure to run the team differently.  Especially from assistant coach Rick Tocchet.

“I had guys in Tampa that wanted to run the team, and I wouldn’t let them,”

One of our two favorite spots in the interview came when Barry Melrose compared the ownership of the Lighting to that of the infamous Harold Ballard and the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Then he was asked how he feels about the whole ordeal?

I hope Tampa Bay doesn’t win a game for the rest of the year.

Just that quote alone tells us that his time with the Lightning was comparable to one being stuck in a pigs den full of [email protected]  Nobody appreciated Barry and what he did in the past with the Kings.  He was never given a proper second chance.  At Least he will enjoy himself on the set at ESPN again.

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