Chasing History in Detroit

Total Pro Sports –  When the Detroit Lions lose to the Indianapolis Colts this weekend, they will tie the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the worst season in NFL history. Their record will be an impressive 0-14, the same record the Bucs had in their inaugural season.  The Bucs sort of had a legit excuse, it was their first season, the Lions have no simple explanation for their futility.

Whats more amazing is that they will still have another two games to play against New Orleans and Green Bay.  If they lose the rest of their games their record will be 0-16, and that is something to be excited about, not if your a Lions fan.

It is not often in sports that a team does something so amazing that it is remembered for years to come, in this case, something so embarrassing that it will surely be remembered by many.  You might not remember Matt Millen (already fired), Rod Marinelli (soon to be fired), or the names of players (soon to be CFLers) on the team, but just remember where you were on the day Lions lost them all, because I sure will.

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